"…she even admitted, at one point, that she didn’t see the point in painting - she felt people in the past did it better than she could. fortunately, she didn’t give up. her work is completely original and her ability to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces still astonishes me along with millions of others."

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The beautiful Thunderbird Inn, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  And coffee from across the street. And “The Artist’s Way”, sharp pencil and a new notebook.  

Break Up Face, 2007

Break Up Face, 2007

I edited this a couple of years ago.

tiny Turquoise Trail paintings

Madrid Artist’s book being published, and I am in it!

Thankful to be included…  here is the artist statement I wrote for it….

Through painting I have tried to recreate the particular experience of my surroundings.  In Austin, TX I painted portraits in the style of the religious spanish retablos.  I was inspired by a collection of retablos in a gallery on South Congress Avenue, and the people who created the landscape there.  I went on to develop my own “magical realism” style painting everything else I saw including the scenery of bars, friends, trees and houses in the neighborhoods where I rode my bike. 

In New Mexico I paint the light and the landscapes of the Turquoise Trail and  other bumpy back roads where I drive my truck.  I’ve been in love with the land around the Turquoise Trail for a long time.  This series explores the changing scenery and light and the largeness of the landscape in a small painting; these are all 4x4 inch canvases.  My limited perspective only allows me to get glimpses of the largeness of what I see, and these paintings are an attempt to hold onto the fleeting experience of being in all this beauty.

S.K.Y. McNair